“A revolutionary obstacle race brought to you by Sports Hangout partnered up with True Grit, the winner of the best International Obstacle Course Race in 2015-16"

TRUE GRIT ASIA (Bali) consists of both 5K and 10K scenic courses with 30+ man-made and natural obstacles, designed by Australian Special Forces. The course is spread around the southern peninsula of Bali, Indonesia, with a 360 degree beach view, added swimming obstacles, and surfaces of organic mud. The lucky 300 participants will get the chance to join the after race party at Dragoon130 Superyacht, for an extra challenge to jump off the yacht, and win prizes from the sponsors. This truly makes True Grit Asia, a one of a kind obstacle race in the world.

Calling all weekend warriors, elite runners, and sports communities, we welcome sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Specifically, we welcome our neighbourhood countries around Asia Pacific including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. This military inspired obstacle race is designed to challenge the limit and bring out your potential, both physically and mentally, designed by ex-Special Forces from Australia.

True Grit Australia is founded by Adam and Matt, who have been in the Australian Military for 33 years and has served in Australian Special Forces for 20 years. Their combined experiences resulted in a specially designed obstacle race utilising unique obstacles around the vegetation and terrain of land.

Bring Out the Soldier in You!


True Grit Bali is both a 5km and 10km course length with 30+ natural and man-made obstacles, designed by Australian Special Forces. The course will test your mental grit and stamina, with an emphasis on tackling obstacles, not just running a marathon. Location specific course details and a map will be provided closer to the event date. Common obstacles includes mud, walls, tunnels, rope climbs, monkey bars, individual carries, cargo nets and water slides. Our aim is to deliver a truly unique experience to those who dare. Registration is open for men & women above the age of 16 years, who will have the opportunity to compete in five different categories:

ELITE RUNNER 10K ~ for the individual racer who wants to earn qualifying credit to compete in PRO Division ~ Obstacle Course Racing World Championship Asia Pacific 2018. Top 5 finisher in male and female will receive a qualifying certificate, cash prize and gifts from the sponsors. Let’s get started!

COMPETITIVE RUNNER 10K ~ for the individual racer who wants to earn qualifying credit to compete in Age Group Division ~ Obstacle Course Racing World Championship Asia Pacific 2018. Top 10 finisher in male and female will receive a qualifying certificate, and gifts from the sponsors. Let’s get started!

COMMUNITY TEAM CHALLENGE 10K ~ for community participants with a team of 6 racers. Top 3 finisher group will receive a trophy and gifts from sponsors. Let’s get started!

CORPORATE TEAM CHALLENGE 5K ~ for corporate participants with a team of 6 racers. Top 3 finisher group will receive a trophy and gifts from sponsors. Let’s get started!

WARRIOR RUNNER 5K ~ an untimed category available to individual/group racers, who are more interested in participation than racing. All racers who pass the finish line are winners and will receive a finisher medal and a t-shirt. Let’s get started!



Obstacle racing is ideal for team building in the corporate environment and teaches teams to work together to overcome challenges. A special rate applies for company’s signing up with more than 50 participants ~ sign your members up for a lifetime experience within your organisation. Let’s get started!


Your True Grit Bali experience doesn’t end at the Finish Line. Take on the full-day experience of everything our festival has to offer. We have music, warrior boat party, local food/beverage vendors and sponsor giveaways available throughout the day. Join Now!


Obstacle racing is the fastest growing sport in the world. The events provide an exciting and exhilarating experience for large groups of participants. Sports Hangout plans and conducts what brands do in the world to get people “EXPERIENCING” – let customer experience the brand and stay relevant, digitally or physically. Regardless of your company’s size or marketing budget, talk to us and explore the possibility of working together to help build a strong partnership for the future. Let’s get started!

“TRUE GRIT ASIA is an OCR World Championship qualifying race where anyone can run, designed by Australian Special Forces”


Humans are born with many basic instinctive abilities which enable them to walk long distances, run, crawl, climb, jump and carry items. To participate and enjoy an obstacle run, you don’t need a special ability or a set of skills to overcome the obstacles laid in front of you. Joining your first event can be an absolutely amazing experience that you’ll want to share with others and revisit over and over again. You will open your eyes and mind, get motivated, and join our community partner training program nearest to you to be stronger, fitter and eventually a healthier you!

To a self learner out there, here are a few good reading recommendations:

(1) THE COMPLETE OBSTACLE CONDITIONING PROGRAM, written by Ex-Special Forces Soldiers, Race Directors and Personal Trainers

(2) Obstacle Race Training: How to Beat Any Course, Compete Like a Champion and Change Your Life

(3) Obstacle Race Training Bible: The #1 Resource to Prepare for and Conquer Any Course!

Get started by watching some obstacle training videos available  from TRUE GRIT YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Contact us if you need any help joining our health club partners & active communities.


TRUE GRIT ASIA (Bali) is an international event organised by Sports Hangout and led by Adam & Matt ex-Special Forces from Australia. We have over 100 team members which includes race director, event manager, and media relation working with obstacle marshal, medic, physiotherapist, volunteer, multimedia, registration, hospitality, logistics, security and course construction supporting staffs.


Read http://www.truegrit.com.au/terms-and-conditions.php . For more info feel free to contact us.


While obstacle racing, mud runs and the sport of OCR is safe overall, injuries can occur on course as with any sport or athletic endeavor. Injuries, big or small, force us to modify our workouts, alter our techniques, and test our pain management skills. We strongly encourage all participants to perform self assessment with The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+) prior to the physical activity.

Wear supporting gear such as gloves, sports protection clothing for elbow, ankle and knee. The essential of personal first aid kit: sunscreen, counterpain cool gel, betadine, band aid, sterile eye wash, antibacterial gel, kinesiology tape, etc.


Details coming soon. For more info feel free to contact us.


True Grit is a rain or shine obstacle course racing.  In the case of extreme weather, Sport Hangout reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event. In the event of a cancellation due to extreme weather condition, there will be no refunds. All participants, however, are able to use the ticket for the next event held by Sports Hangout.


We strongly recommend ‘QUICK DRY / COMPRESSION SPORTS CLOTHING’ long sleeve t-shirt and long pant, and long socks to make your course comfortable and provide protection. Running or hiking shoes (no metal cleats allowed) are sufficient to attempt the course. Keep clothing light, as you are guaranteed to warm up during the course. It is likely that after completing the event you will be wet and cold so a towel and warm change of clothes is essential kit to bring on the day, so you can enjoy the post race festivities in comfort. DO NOT WEAR: anything valuable and loose items such as spectacles and jewellery that can come off easily.


Cameras and phones are permitted during the course at participants' and spectators' own risk. Organizer does not take responsibility for any damaged property brought within the course or Sports Hangout basecamp. For everyone’s safety, drones are not allowed on the premises, except for professional drone pilot hired by the event organizer.

Use the hashtag #TrueGritAsia#TheSoldierInYou and #SportsHangoutID to share your True Grit Asia experience and fun moments on the event day. Share your pictures and get a chance to win a photo contest with prizes from our sponsors.


Serangan Island is located on the Southern peninsula of Bali. Sanur is less than 10 minutes away, Kuta is 15 minutes away, and Nusa Dua is less than 10 minutes away via Bali Mandara toll road. There are various of accommodation on these areas, we recommend to book your accommodation with us as we have special accommodation packages including transportation to the venue and/or after-party tickets at Dragoon130 Superyacht with a very special price brought to you together with GVY Holidays. For more info feel free to contact us.


The easiest way is to use Google Map and search: Jalan Pantai Serangan, Serangan, Kota Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. There are a few transportation option to use such as Bluebird taxi, Uber and Grab taxi.


All participants are to arrive and re-register at the counter 1 hour prior to your selected time slot. Bring your photo ID, passport or proof of purchase. You will collect your race-pack after check-in.


Upon check-in, wear your BIB/Wristband to mark your starting time. At the basecamp, there are Counterpain Recovery Lounge, bag drop tent, info/tour desk, foods vendors, merchandises and plenty of activity from sponsors.


Bag drop facility on site, charged at Rp 20.000.- per bag. The bag drop facility will be staffed but bags are left 100% at the owner’s risk. Do not leave valuable items in your bag.


Participants MUST be in the start area no later than 15 minutes before the allocated start time for warming up exercise and a course safety briefing.


The 5K and 10K military inspired course are designed to physically mimics the functional, whole-body movements made by our ancestors thousands of years ago: natural movements such as running, balancing, crawling, jumping, climbing, and carrying. Together with our Race Director, obstacles are tested by our military consultant to supervise and conduct various safety precautions so anyone can finish the course!

Course Safety & Aid Station: If you do not feel comfortable completing any obstacle, you DO NOT need to attempt it; simply let the marshal know and you can continue on to the next obstacle. You MUST be able to swim 25 meters if you attempt water obstacles. Every obstacles are supervised by 1 to 3 marshals for your safety and give guidance when needed.

If you have any difficulties on the course (e.g. injury or illness) please sit by the side of the course and ask one of your fellow Warriors to report your condition to the marshal or medic staff. Do not try to find a shortcut back to the Start/Finish area as this makes it very difficult for us to find you. Medical crews are stand by on site for participants needing urgent care. In the case of emergency, an ambulance is ready to deliver anyone to the nearest hospital.


The race clock and finish line located at the top of the final obstacle. This is your photography moment to remember. Upon finishing, our staff will pass you the medal & finisher t-shirt.


There are separate male and female changing areas as well as shower area. Please bring a towel and a change of clothing along with 2 bin bags to store your dirty clothing.


Powered by Counterpain, the lounge is ready to answer pain management and any sport injury related. Participants of ELITE RUNNERS, we provide sports massage without charge.


Stick around! Our beachfront basecamp opens from 07:00 to 18:00, celebrate and put on your new finisher t-shirt! Have fun, swap stories, enjoy good food to congratulate yourself.


Official True Grit merchandise will be available for purchase on site and online.


Although True Grit Asia is more about beating your personal challenge than beating the time, we will have an award ceremony at 1pm for the following categories:

*ELITE Runners 10K Winners

*COMPETITIVE Runners 10K Winners

*COMMUNITY Team Challenge 10K Winners

*CORPORATE Team Challenge 5K Winners


All event photos will be available to view, share or purchase online. We will post a link on our FacebookInstagram, Google+ and send an email to all participants once the images are available to view.


Any items found during the event should be handed in to the information tent. Participants should go to the information tent as a first point of call if they have lost items during the day. Items that remain unclaimed after event day will be taken back to Sports Hangout office. If they remain unclaimed after one month, items will be donated to charity.